saving live


When Bitcoin was started 2009, it was a very new technologie with a view supporters.
But it grows as the frist cryptocurrency with a huge suscess. As it was growing since today new cryptocurrencys occured with different ideas.
Our idea is to create a stabil working coin which has a good proofed algorithm with several advantages in opposite of bitcoin or other cryptocurrencys and helps non profit organisation in emergency medicine or civil protection to work.

EmergencyCoin is based on the Script protokoll with Proof of Stacke algorithm which has been used for more then 8 years.
So there are multiple advantages to other coins/protocoll:
- no mining with much energy consumtion
- Fast transactions with Block time of 1 minute
- no "nothing of stacke" problem and further development because of coin distribution
We would be glad to inform you with more details written down in the whitepaper which can be downloaded here

Social Aspect

As our team mebers are working in emergency medicine, we see that much organisation need help with money.
All rewards of the 2 Mio coins reserved for this case will be spend on a non profit organsation of emergency medicine and civil protection.
It will be spend randomly based on a medium daily reward.
In the first 3 month of working the network, it will be spend for:
THW Local Group Stelle/Winsen, Members Support society,
After that, every non profit organisation wourldwide can apply on this via Email.
The winner of a public list of all candiates will be found monthly by raffle ticket.

Our Software

Download the Windows software for using EmergencyCoin with sending and receiving the coin.
We have wallets for nearly all OS including mobile and Paper Wallet.
Beware as all cryptocurrencys it is an experimental system. NO liability for loosing money with the software or the coin itself.
We whish you great experiance with the new EmergencyCoin.

Proof of Stake

Proof of Stake:
Everyone who has EmergencyCoins in his unlocked and connected wallet gets an medium annual reward of 15 % of his coins.
This is working with a princip similar to a raffle ticket: Every coin is a raffle ticket.
The one connected to the network with the most coins has the most chance to produce the next block.
A secound role plays the coin age. The older the coin, the more chance to get the raffle ticket. So the raffle ticket is a mixted chance of coin age and countness.
For producing a normal undifficult algorithm has to be executed.
The reward is calculated by several parameters (e.g. the annual reward, block time etc).
After mining the block the coin age of the coins is set to 0.
Relativly early in opposit of other coins, after 1 hour you have the new chance to win the raffle ticket.

Coin Overview

Name: EmergenyCoin
Ticker: ENY
Maximum amount: 85806452
Premined: 6006452 (2 Mio Airdrop, 2 Mio non profit, 2 Mio dev team)
Algorithm: Script / Proof of Stacke
Annual reward: 15 %
Minimum Coin age: 1 hour
Block time: 60 sec
Max Block size: 1000000